Gulf Ethanol Retains National Laboratory to Test Cellulosic Products

January 7, 2008

Gulf Ethanol Corporation (OTC:GFET) announced today that it has retained the services of Microbac Laboratories, Inc. to test cellulosic feed stocks processed under its license with Meridian Biorefining, Inc. Microbac works directly with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and brings over 15 years of experience analyzing biomass products for major U.S. corporations. In December, Gulf Ethanol retained the consulting firm of Muse Stancil as consulting engineers for the deployment of its cellulosic ethanol technology. In the fourth quarter, Gulf acquired the exclusive rights to a revolutionary cellulosic processing technology, from Meridian Biorefining, Inc. that creates a powdered cellulose that studies show is far more effective as an ethanol feed-stock than anything available today. Muse Stancil will assist Gulf Ethanol with the final design, deployment and financing of its cellulosic ethanol technology.

We continue to execute the deployment of this revolutionary technology on the schedule we announced in December, noted JT Cloud, Gulfs President. As we bring this disruptive and innovative technology to the market, we believe it will make cellulosic ethanol practical for the first time, he added. Now, we are bringing in strong technical partners to validate and support each step of our execution plan such as Muse Stancil and Microbac Laboratories, he concluded.

The development of alternative transportation fuels is important to Americas energy independence. Biofuels have stumbled in recent months due to their dependence of food crops for feed-stocks. Companies such as Archer Daniels Midland [NYSE:ADM] and Bunge Limited [NYSE:BG] have led in the development of biofuel feed-stocks. Food based feed stocks rise in price as production increases which means that the more ethanol made from food-stocks, the less efficient it becomes. This is why we believe cellulose will help America take one big step forward in its quest for energy independence, said Mr. Cloud. As ethanol becomes a ubiquitous source of alternative energy, most major gasoline suppliers now include ethanol in their gasoline blends. Major suppliers such as Exxon Mobil Corp. [NYSE:XOM]; British Petroleum, [NYSE:BP] include ethanol in current gasoline blends sold across America and demand for ethanol is expected to continue to increase.

About Gulf Ethanol Corporation

Gulf Ethanol, [OTC:GFET] is an alternative energy company focused on the development of cellulosic ethanol technologies with a particular emphasis on Texas and the Gulf Coast. They hold an exclusive license to a cellulosic feedstock pre-processing technology that they intend to deploy in cooperation with Meridian Biorefining through a joint venture. For more information please visit our homepage at:


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