First American Scientific Corp. Reports the Sale of Two KDS Micronex Systems in December 2007

January 7, 2008

Cal Kantonen, Chairman of First American Scientific Corp. (OTCBB: FASC) is pleased to report the company has sold and shipped two KDS systems during the month of December 2007. An order for a third machine has also been received and the equipment is currently being fabricated. The first system was delivered to a group in Quebec, Canada for pulverizing construction waste and the second was delivered to a group in Mexico who plan to process agricultural waste and other biomass for use in their current business operations. Both machines will be commissioned on site in January 2008 and are expected to be fully operational by February. The third sale should complete this quarter. According to Brian Nichols, President of FASC, “We are finally attracting serious attention from the alternative energy sector. The KDS equipment’s ability to remove water while pulverizing and cleansing wood and agricultural waste has proven to be a valuable pre-treatment for end users who are developing biofuels from agri-waste. We have now sold 5 systems in the last 6 months, three sales completed and 2 sales in process, so our outlook for the future is definitely positive.”

First American Scientific Corp. is the owner of a unique patented disintegration system, the KDS Micronex System, which is capable of cost effectively converting biomass and agri-waste, including animal waste, sewage, and forestry waste into a fine dry combustible powder which can be burnt in specialized dust burners, pelletized into fuel pellets or used in the process of creating biofuels.

Other applications for the KDS include reducing and drying various grades of mineral rock such as clay, zeolite, gypsum and limestone into a fine dry powder suitable for cosmetics and fertilizers. Please see our web site for further details.

Certain information and statements included in this release constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Federal Private Securities Litigation Reform Act.


C. Kantonen, Chairman

Web Site:


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