Zenergy International, Inc. Approved to Trade With ChemConnect

September 13, 2006

Zenergy International, Inc. announced today they have been approved by ChemConnect to trade on ChemConnect’s Commodity Exchange, the largest global chemicals trading platform. Zenergy will be utilizing ChemConnect’s platform to offer their biofuels inventory to global members of the exchange.”Being approved on ChemConnect will allow us to utilize our relationships to bring biofuels to the market in a cost effective way. As ChemConnect brings additional visibility to the marketplace, Zenergy International will substantially increase the biofuels liquidity traded on the platform. Zenergy envisions supplying biofuels at the lowest possible cost to the consumer, and ChemConnect’s Exchange will be one of the tools to deliver on this promise,” said Robert Luiten, CEO of Zenergy International, Inc. 

ChemConnect is a leader providing the optimization of purchasing and sales processes for chemicals, plastics, and related products through a unique combination of market information, industry expertise, e-commerce solutions, and an active network of trading partners.

About Zenergy International, Inc.:

Zenergy International, Inc. is a new global biofuel solutions provider whose mission is to delivery biofuels at a competitive price through innovation and using state-of-the-art technology, focusing on sustainable resources, safe practices, and compliance with all environmental laws, striving to minimize overall environmental impact.

For More Information Contact:
Robert Luiten
Zenergy International, Inc.
Toll free 800.585.4407
Inside/outside US 312.281.2901

SOURCE:  Zenergy International, Inc.


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