Research Report: Is China Set to Become the Most Powerful Competitor in the Global Solar Photovolatics Market?

July 31, 2006

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of “The Solar Photovolatics Report Ed 4 2006” to their offering. 


— This report contains the most recent PV market data to the end of 2005

— Planned production capacity for PV cells and modules to 2010 show a huge leap

— Corporate highlights and significant developments in 2005/2006

— Expansion and consolidation of the leaders

— The withdrawal of two leading players

— Survey of cell and module producers

— Reports on silicon feedstock production and producers

— Report on feedstock shortage which is now threatening production and future capacity

— Outline of alternative feedstock materials in the pipeline

— Survey of silicon recycling, with analysis of companies involved

Key Findings Include:

— Consolidation of Japan and Germany as leaders, with the USA challenging again

— The rise of Germany challenges Japanese dominance of the PV market

— The dramatic emergence of China as a world player, with ambitious expansion plans for Solar PV

— Is China set to become the most powerful competitor in the global market?

— The silicon shortage is evaluated and the future outlook discussed

— The withdrawal of Shell Solar from the silicon cell business and RWE from the solar PV sector

— Continued entries of large Japanese corporations into the solar market

— Big plans for these Japanese companies, with large production expansion

— At least five companies have staked their position to become the “world leader”

— SolarWorld in a prime strategic position with takeover of Shell Solar silicon cell business and partnership with REC silicon producer

Reasons to Buy this Report:

— Gain insight in to this rapidly expanding global market

— Understand how to position your business in this developing market

— Look at opportunities in a market of consolidation and dramatic change

Companies Mentioned Include:  - Sharp Corporation - Kyocera - Sanyo Electric Company - MSK Corporation - Mitsubishi Electric - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Kaneka Solartech - Canon - Fuji Electric - Hitachi - Honda - Matsushita Ecology Systems - Showa Shell Sekiyu - Kobelco (Kobe Steel) - Daiwa House - Misawa Homes - Sekisui Heim - PanaHome Corporation - Silicon feedstock - Tokuyama Corporation - BP-Solar (formerly BP Solarex in the United States) - Shell Solar (USA-formerly Siemens Solar Industries - Schott Solar (formerly RWE Scott, and previously ASE Americas) - GE Energy - Evergreen Solar - First Solar LLC - SunPower Corporation - Ebara Solar - Solec International - United Solar Systems Corporation (USSC) - EPV Energy Photovoltaics Inc - Amonix - Entech - Germany - SolarWorld AG - Schott Solar (formerly RWE Schott Solar) - Q-Cells AG - ErSol - Sunways AG - Wurth Solar GmbH - Photovoltech - Spain - Isofoton - Atresa - BP Solar Espana - France - Photowatt International - Free Energy Europe S A - Solems S A - Photovoltech - Suntech Power Co Ltd - SunOasis Ltd - Baoding Yingli New Energy Resources Co Ltd - Shanghai Solar Energy Science & Technology Co Ltd - Nanjing PV-TECH Co Ltd - LDK Solar Hi-Tech Co Ltd

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