Ceres Power Fuel Cell Group, Partners with Rolls Royce and Johnson Matthey

July 14, 2006

New Ceres partnership with Rolls Royce and Johnson Matthey to address UK’s long-term sustainable power needs

Ceres Power (CPWHF.PK) , the AIM-quoted fuel cell group, today announces that it is partnering with leading engineering groups Rolls Royce and Johnson Matthey, as part of a government-backed programme to deliver innovations in sustainable power generation and supply. The programme stems from the current Energy Review and will help identify long-term solutions to meet the needs of UK industrial and domestic consumers.

The DTI-sponsored “SuperGen” programme comprises four consortia of research institutions working in tandem with industry to examine wave and tidal power, future network technologies, hydrogen energy and bioenergy. A particular focus is microgeneration, and Ceres and its partners will help stimulate and manage fuel cell research from top UK public laboratories.

Ceres Power is the only SME invited to participate and will be positioned in the project alongside the top fuel cell companies, not only in the UK, but on the international stage.

By participating in the programme, the industry consortium partners will have the right to guide over 50 man-years of world-class fuel cell research. The Company will continue to focus its own resources on short- to medium-term product engineering, manufacturing excellence and strategic partnerships to help drive revenue growth.

Peter Bance, Chief Executive of Ceres Power, commented:

“In this week’s Energy Review, the UK government firmly committed to advancing development of clean-energy technology, such as fuel cells. We are delighted to be among the participants in the SuperGen consortium, working so closely with major industry players such as Rolls Royce and Johnson Matthey as well as several leading UK research institutions.”Source: Ceres Power


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