ICIS Pricing has Launched a Portfolio of Biofuel Reports in Europe

July 11, 2006

LONDON, July 11 /PRNewswire/ — ICIS pricing, the world’s largest information provider for the chemical and oil industry has launched a portfolio of biofuel price and market intelligence reports for the fuel ethanol, ETBE (Ether tertiary butyl ether) and biodiesel markets in Europe. The launch of the reports follows increasing market growth and demand in the region, fuelled by the European Union Biofuels directive. The directive is designed to lower carbon emissions and find alternatives to high cost fossil fuels.

“In Europe, production is expected to triple due to the EU requirement that has set a biofuels component target of 2% in 2005, increasing by 2010 to a minimum of 5.75%” said ICIS Product Development Manager, Simon Platt. “Coupled with targets being made mandatory in various member states with some adopting these requirements earlier, there is strong demand for pricing information and news in Europe,” he added.

Fuel grade ethanol or bioethanol is produced from the fermentation of corn, grain, sugar or molasses. The weekly fuel ethanol report gives details of fuel grade, anhydrous (99.3-99.9%) ethanol and discusses Brazilian import prices.

Since a major outlet for fuel ethanol in Europe is in ETBE and more MTBE producers are switching to ETBE, the ETBE report will offer details of spot prices of ETBE, (86-96% purity), with information on developments in the upstream fuel ethanol market.

The Biodiesel report will assess EN14214 grade spot prices. The report will also discuss export from Asia and other regions as well as developments in the biodiesel market.

ICIS pricing reports give accurate and independent weekly price assessments and incisive market intelligence on the impact on demand and supply, market commentary covering EU wide and individual member state legislation, financial incentives, production news, new plant capacities and invaluable insight and analysis of the biofuels market.

Request a trial of any of the Biofuel price reports from ICIS pricing at http://www.icispricing.com or by emailing christine.wong@icis.com

For more information on ICIS pricing, visit http://www.icispricing.com

Note to Editors:

ICIS pricing

ICIS pricing is an independent pricing and market intelligence service from International Chemical Information Service (ICIS) that aims to provide petrochemical and oil markets with reports published daily, weekly or monthly on more than 120 commodities. This pricing information is gathered by teams of experienced reporters in London, Houston, Singapore and Shanghai to offer the most complete, authoritative and up-to-the minute independent market information available. For further information on ICIS pricing and ICIS news, visit http://www.icis.com

Reed Business Information

ICIS is part of Reed Business Information (RBI), a division of Reed Business and a member of Reed Elsevier plc, the world’s leading publisher and information provider. RBI publishes more than 100 market leading publications, directories and online services, as well as organizing many industry conferences. The RBI portfolio includes Computer Weekly, Caterer & Hotelkeeper, Commercial Motor, Community Care, Estates Gazette, Farmers Weekly, Flight International, New Scientist, Travel Weekly, Totaljobs.com, Caterer.com, CWJobs, Estates Gazette Interactive (EGi), ATI (Air Transport Intelligence), ICIS, Kellysearch, Kompass UK, and Bankers’ Almanac.

For a full listing visit http://www.reedbusiness.co.uk      For further information please contact:     Jennifer Burke     ICIS pricing     Tel: +44-(0)20-8652-8461     Email: Jennifer.Burke@rbi.co.uk


Source: ICIS

Source: Yahoo


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